Prince Andrew’s Royal Selfie

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, took the first royal selfie picture at the final of his Pitch @ Palace competition, which was held at St. James’ Palace.

The Duke Of York Selfie
The Duke Of York Selfie

The photo features a rather close up shot of Prince Andrew standing infront of a huge audience of around 350 people. The picture has been retweeted almost 300 times by followers.

The Prince said that this unique day at the Palace is encouraging people to use phones and electronic gadgets. He also said that because of this craze with selfies, he decided to do his own royal selfie, hence the photograph.

The Prince defied the royal protocol by defacing the ‘No Mobile Phones’ sign, and instead wrote ‘mobile phones are allowed inside the state rooms’.

The Duke quickly got into the spirit of things at this tech-heavy event. The source of the Palace told newspapers that he had resisted the temptation to refer to the royal selfie a a onesie.

The Pitch @ Palace contest aims at targeting young students interested in establishing their own companies and offers mentoring and money from successful businesses.

The Prince then said he wants to give start up businesses a boost as they are lacking role models.

Earlier Royal Selfies

Henry VIII Selfie
Henry VIII Selfie

Although a selfie is a picture of yourself – holding the camera at arms length – selfies have been around for longer that you think. In fact much longer. Henry VIII is another one who joined the selfie craze in 1536 with his royal selfie. However he didn’t have all of the technology we have nowadays, he had his painted by Hans Holbein the Younger, however it is still a major painting of himself which counts as one of the first royal selfie.

So this shows a selfie doesn’t have to a photographic or social media version of a self portrait taken at arms length, but just a painting/photograph of yourself – taken by you or another.

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