NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, spoke at Shotley Bridge hospital about his plans for the future of the NHS.

Simon Stevens began his career as a trainee manager in Shotley Bridge hospital, returning 26 years later on is first day as chief executive of NHS England certainly showcases the significant career progression.

Stevens also paid a visit to Consett Medical Centre on the same day, looking around the facilities and talking to staff. Following his visit to Consett he then traveled to South Shields where the local council is working with the NHS and

Shotley Bridge Hospital
Shotley Bridge Hospital

voluntary groups to help the public take control of their own health and reduce the need for hospital visits. Finally he spent time at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, where he spoke briefly with Professor Sir John Burn and delivered a speech to a number of health professionals:

“Spend time with John Burn here, and you’ll see how breakthrough medical research and new ways of caring for patients are opening up amazing new frontiers that were impossible just a few years ago”

NHS England is the oversight body for the National Health Service; it oversees the budget, planning, delivery, and day-to-day operation of the NHS in england. Its role and duties outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which saw NHS Primary Care Trust and NHS Strategic Health Authority  abolished and NHS England formed in its place.

Having been involved in health care services around the world he has vast experience which he will utilise in the progression of NHS England. Simon Stevens was healthcare manager in the UK and internationally for nine years and then president of UnitedHealth Europe for a further two years – having this outside perspective on the NHS could help Stevens with making the necessary decisions and changes to the service.


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