Jobseekers will be required to take additional steps to make themselves employable before being eligible to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance.

These changes come as a statement from the Government said that they are necessary to be certain that jobseekers are “taking their search for work seriously.” Tougher requirements to be awarded Jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) will make it more difficult for those fraudulently claiming the benefit payment to continue falling behind with the necessary steps.

Three main requirements will need to be met before any payments will be made. This includes; creating a CV, setting up an active email address, and registering for the Government’s service ‘Universal Jobmatch’.

Setting up a CV is an essential step to applying for the majority of job positions, many employers will not consider Jobseekersan interview without first receiving a CV appropriate to the job role.

An active email address is hugely beneficial to jobseekers as emails are one of the most common ways for potential employees to contact employers and to receive information about job roles that may be applicable.

Finally, using the official Universal Jobmatch service is required as Jobcentre staff are able to check that regular activities have been performed to search for a job.

Many people have raised concerns about the way in which jobseeker’s allowance is awarded and the steps that are necessary to ensure that it is regularly provided – some of the main concerns involve the methods that are required to be used when searching for work, primarily the use of the Universal Jobmatch service. Jobseekers must use the official Government service for at least some of their weekly job-searching or face losing JSA

Earlier this year we published an article about a new web plugin which aimed to assist those searching for jobs by automatically applying for positions that fit certain criteria. Find our more information by reading the article.

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