Shotley & Benfieldside Tennis Club are offering free tennis for the Great British Tennis Weekend.

Great British Tennis WeekendAs of the 17th and 18th of May, Shotley & Benfieldside Tennis Club will be opening their doors to offer free tennis as a part of the Great British Tennis Weeknd.

British Tennis became a landmark year in 2013, and this summer is said to be even bigger! There will be a nation of viewers set to become a nation of players, all thanks to a series of fun evens that are free for families set to hit the UK.

The Great British Tennis Weekend will host over 1,000 venues in Britain across a period of four continuous weekends.

Anyone who comes to Shotley and Benfieldside Tennis Club can get involved in; junior and adult coaching, mini tennis, general play and family time – all for free. Everything such as tennis balls and rackets will be provided so everyone can get involved, from amateur to professionals.

As well as this the Tennis Club will also be offering special membership packages to all newcomers who join in with all the activities at the weekend. Booking in advance is recommended;

The Tennis Club Coach , Phil Atess commented;

‘We are all really excited to be running an open day as a part of the Great British tennis Weekend. It is a great chance to try tennis at Shotley and Benfieldside and find out what a great sport tennis really is’.

For more information about the event please contact;

Tony Pensom, Chairman, Shotley and Benfieldside Tennis Club.

Tel. 01207 542498    Mob. 07973 553507     E-mail.

This will be an amazing opportunity to experience, whether you have played before in your spare time or played professionally for a team, it’s a great way to get involved and have fun as well as it is being completely free.

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