A swimmer from Derwentside Amatuer Swimming Club has been chosen to compete at the Commonwealth Games for Guernsey that will take place in Glasgow on the 23rd.

Luke Belton, the 22 year-old second year student at Durham University, made his decision last year to join Leisureworks’ Swimming Development Scheme and Derwentside ASC – which are both based at The Louisa Centre in Stanley, County Durham – to improve his chances of qualifying for the games.

“I’m very excited and proud to be selected to represent my country. I have a lot of hard work still to do but with the support and Derwentside Swimmer Commonwealthexpertise at Leisureworks and Derwentside ASC, I am very much looking forward to the Games” – Luke commented with.

The Leisureworks – Derwentsides’ Trust for Sport and the Arts – Durham County Council and Derwentside ASC work closely together. They offer support and opportunities for swimmers throughout the whole region to compete at the highest possible level they can. The most recent story to have become successful is Joanne Jackson who won Olympic Bronze in Beijing 2008.

Paul Woodley, Head Performance Coach, works closely with all partners – including Durham University – to produce the best pathway possible for local swimmers so that they can excel.

“I am very happy the hard work is paying off. I am extremely passionate about offering swimmers opportunities to compete at the highest level they can. We have fantastic talent in the local area, it is just a matter of nurturing and guiding that talent. In the set-up here, we certainly have the coaches and support to do that. Luke made a great decision to join us, and in the few months he has been with us, he has made fantastic improvements on his personal best times. Now the hard work starts to get him to perform even better at the Games” – said Coach Woodley.

He then followed with; “It is an exciting time here at the minute, with Luke qualifying for the Commonwealths, twelve swimmers qualifying for British Championships and winning the Northumberland and Durham Open Championships for the second year running.”

For further information about the Leisureworks’ Swimming Development Scheme and Performance, contact;

Academy, contact Head Performance Coach Paul Woodley at p.woodley@leisureworks.net, or you can call 01207 218942.


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