At time of writing this article, 3D printers are not considered toys, however, one US Company is getting ready to launch a 3D printer aimed at Children called Printeer.


3D Printers For Kids - 3D Printing
3D Printers for Kids could potentially change the way young perceive technology and how it interacts with the real World.


The company behind this initiative is called “Mission Street Manufacturing”, the company are trying to raise a minimum of $50,000 USD to get the project started. They are using crowdsourcing website, Kickstarter with plans to start sending out the 3D printers to customers starting October 2014 just in time of Christmas.

The 3D printer will use a non-toxic plastic filament which will utilise an app for iPad’s IOS operating system. Children will be able to create 3D designs using their iPad then simply print them on their own 3D printer.

Printeer’s pitch on Kickstarter states that the 3D printer will bridge the gap between the physical world and the technology driven world we are now living in. Mission Street are already starting to test the app and the 3D printer by asking kids and their parents to secure a device before it goes on general sale for the sum of $549 USD from the very first production run.

On Kickstarter, users are able to pledge $999 to receive a Printeer customised with their own name and colours. Printeer is the very first 3D printer targeting young people specifically, however, there is a company called Cube3 who have a 3D printer available which targets both adults and younger people.

Could we see this product on the market for general release just in time for Christmas? Perhaps children across the UK and around the World will be asking Santa Claus for their very own 3D manufactring device.

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