Spain World Cup 2014 hopes are slashed after a convincing defeat versus Chile.

After Spain’s damning defeat by the Netherlands in their opening match to the 2014 World Cup the Spanish side approached what turned out to be their deciding match with a slightly altered team, with the Spanish coach choosing to remove Pique and Xavi.

Unfortunately for the Spaniards the changes didn’t seem to slow down Chile, after an incredibly aggressive start saw two attempts on goal within the first 5 minutes of the match, Eduardo Vargas sending the ball bouncing from a Spanish player just past the post.

Spain World Cup 2010
Spain After 2010 World Cup

Chile’s pressure finally paid off after 20 minutes with the first goal of the match, Sanchez and Vidal worked up the pitch through a number of Spanish bodies blocking their way, before passing between Vargas and Aranguiz on the Spaniards side of the field – allowing Vargas to score the first shot on target past Xabi Alonso.

A foul by Alonso undoubtedly got the ball rolling for the second and final goal of the match. Sanchez took the free kick which was poorly cleared by the Spanish Goalkeeper, Casillas, straight towards Aranguiz who quickly took control and bashed the ball straight into the net – effectively ending Spain World Cup hopes.

Considering the Spaniards performance against the Netherlands earlier in the competition it isn’t completely shocking to see them out of the competition so early, but from a statistical perspective it was incredibly unlikely. For the reigning champions of the World Cup to be among the first to be knocked out is very unusual, actually being the first country out of the competition is unheard of.

No doubt there won’t exactly be celebrations in Spain over the coming weeks due to the ending of the Spain World Cup chances, however the appointment of a new Spanish king could take the sting out of their World Cup standings.

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