2nd July is World UFO Day. Do you believe in aliens?

Today marks the date of the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It’s probably one of the most well-known UFO incidents around the world, and for many represents the reason that they believe in aliens of some sort – and to share knowledge and resources that aims to ‘prove’ that alien life exists.World UFO Day

The goal of World UFO Day is to raise awareness about UFOs in general and their “undoubted existence”. As well as working towards the eventual goal of governments around the world making their reports and records of UFO sightings available to the public. This date is similar to ‘World Contact Day’ which takes place on 15 March – this event is observed internationally by many people and the first celebration of this date took place in 1953 when attendees aimed to send a message into space telepathically.

World UFO Day is often split between two dates; the first on 24 June, which is the date of what is considered the first sighting of a UFO in the United States, and 2 July which commemorates the Roswell Incident. One of the main elements of UFO day is to bring together people from around the world that share a similar interest and yearning for knowledge.

The official website for this date states that the vision for the event is to spread awareness of the existence of UFOs and share factual information over speculation and mystery. In addition it suggests that those wishing to celebrate the days events should organise their own meetups with like minded individuals and even go so far as to create their own UFO style clothing and snacks.

For more information about this series of events and how to get involved please visit the World UFO Day website: http://www.worldufoday.com/

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