Langley Park Big Spring Clean is the next in a series of events to keep the north east free from litter.

This event is one in a huge number of events taking place around the north east in recent months. Langley Park Big Spring Clean is taking place on Friday 8th August in areas around Langley Park, the goal is to pick up as much litter fromlangley park big spring clean the surrounding areas as possible with the hope it will encourage people to think more carefully before dumping their rubbish.

Anyone wanting to attend should head to the old fire station on Friday 8th August at around 10am, all those attending will be meeting there to organise into groups and plan out the schedule for the day. You don’t need to worry about any equipment as everything will be provided – however it might be a good idea to bring a jacket, wellies, or boots depending on the weather. For those that stick around and help for the full day there will be free refreshments available at the miners institute afterwards.

Previous events of this nature have been largely successful, with some local events taking place in Consett, Durham, and Castleside. In some cases over 20 people turned up to one organised meetup – not to mention the hundreds of people that organised their own smaller meetups and did their part around their local area.

The Langley Park Big Spring Clean has been organised by LitterFree Durham as part of their larger project to keep County Durham and the surrounding areas free from litter. Following this event and those like it, it is hoped that residents and visitors to once litter-filled areas will hesitate before dropping their rubbish in the beautiful areas around our region.

For more information about LitterFree Durham and other events such as the Langley Park Big Spring clean please visit the LitterFree Durham website.

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