Thomas Swan, the performance and specialist chemical manufacturing company based in Consett, Co.Durham has been awarded four Government grants to develop the amazing new material, Graphene.

We first wrote about Graphene back in 2014, you can read that article here.

Last year they created graphene products known as Elicarb, with the Consett operation having the initial ability to manufacture 1 KG per day.

How To Make Graphene / What is Graphene?

The Consett based innovation company was selected to be part of a pioneering project to innovate and optimise the uses of this new wonder material.

Harry Swan (Managing director of Thomas Swan) said: “We see graphene as a significant growth opportunity which will add new products into new markets and extend our portfolio of speciality materials. As our graphene products contain high quality graphene platelets we expect them to be used in applications requiring high conductivity such as printed electronics, energy storage and touch panels.”

“We were delighted to secure four UK Government grants from Innovate UK in the fields of energy storage, separations, printed electronics and touch panels; and are particularly pleased with the calibre of partners we will be working with.

Interest in our graphene products has continued to grow since the product launch in April 2014.

Thomas Swan’s accounts were published for the year ending March 31 2014, with turnover increasing from £25.07m to £25.35m. If they are able to manufacture the new wonder material at a lower cost than other manufacturers, we could see the turnover of this local business skyrocket to become a major force in this emerging market. We look forward to bringing you more news on this awesome local development.

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