‘Nina’s got a boyfriend… Nina’s got a boyfriend!’ This is how we like to tease Nina when her boyfriend comes a courtin’.

He’s a Working Cocker Spaniel who goes by the name of Bentley. He is the brownest dog you could ever wish to see. Brown coat, brown eyes, brown nose, it’s like he is made of ‘Pure Brown!’ He is lovely. We refer to him as ‘Oh Bentley!’ coz our Nina goes weak at the knees whenever he swaggers onto the scene.

Shy Nina is usually standoffish with other dogs. She’s nervous and timid. Not so when it comes to ‘Oh Bentley!’ The little hussy is all over him. We don’t know why exactly. We can’t work out what ‘Oh Bentley’s!’ mesmerizing charm is. Of course he is handsome (in a very ‘brown’ way). He is funny, friendly and loving but most of all he’s hungry! Like, “Feed me now, where’s all the food hidden? If I don’t eat soon I’m going to pass out” You know, that kind of hungry. Maybe that’s what impresses Nina so much.

The first thing ‘Oh Bentley!’ does when he enters our house is hunt for food. He’ll empty Ollie’s bowl, he’ll empty Nina’s bowl and then he’ll empty any bowl, dish, plate or rubbish bin he can get his very brown nose into. It has to be said, Ollie, the finicky little so-and-so just sort of picks at his meals. So, when ‘Oh Bentley!’ turns up ravenous and devours every edible or inedible morsel there is to be found, like it’s his last meal ever, perhaps Nina thinks, ‘Oh Bentley… what a real man!’

They are in love. Nina loves ‘Oh Bentley!’ and ‘Oh Bentley!’ well, he just loves food.

All said and done, Ollie kind of likes ‘Oh Bentley!’ He likes him best of all though when he’s waving his cute little brown tail goodbye. Now Ollie can have his best friend Nina back all to himself and he can pick and peck at his own dinner all day long if he so wishes, that’s if ‘Oh Bentley!’ hasn’t scoffed the lot already.

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