More than ever, people are turning to the internet to find love <3

Online dating is nothing new, websites to help people find love have been around since the invent of the modern internet. Online dating or Internet dating is a simple personal introductory system where individuals can find other singles quickly and easily using the internet.

This drastic change in the way people connect for love has certainly made things easier for people who do not feel confident enough to speak to the other sex in real life.

Online Dating - Consett Dating
Online Dating is revolutionising relationships!

What are the benefits of online dating ?

Access to More Potential Partners

Pros: With the increase in popularity of online dating, many individuals now have more access to more people than they could ever possibly imagine in their normal everyday lives.

Cons: With more choice, comes more confusion and somewhat overwhelming. Many people are said to become too fascinated in the task of finding the ‘perfect partner’ rather than actually going out and spending time with new people.


Pros: There are many dating sites out there which will claim to help you match with the ‘perfect partner’ using a range of compatibility tests. Surely, this can only help people to find people who they will be most compatible with and this is a good thing, right?

Cons: Online matching is a painstaking process which may not be 100% accurate for ach individual. Additionally, people can easily misinterpret testing questions so compatibility testing may not be as accurate as first thought.

Online Dating Conclusion

Keep in mind that online dating is a fantastic wealth of information which should always be used with real life relationship rules in mind. Eventual real life face-to-face meetings are advised early on in the dating process to find people are who they say the are, anyone can be anyone on the internet.

Confused? Overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, you have good reason to be. Online dating is a minefield, much like real life relationships, but with far more potential partners and almost unlimited choice. Narrow down your choice, move towards real life interactions and most importantly enjoy yourself – remember, it’s supposed to be fun finding love!


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