Meticulously stretching cling film over the toilet may be an absolutely hilarious April Fools’ joke, but this top five list will blow your socks off!


April fools

  1. Back in 1962, Sweden had one TV channel and it was obviously in black and white. The channel announced that it had discovered an ingenious way to change the black and white images into colour by simply placing a pair of tights over the TV, this would cause the light to bend in such a way that it would appear as if the TV was in colour. Thousands of Swedish viewers fell for the hoax.
  2. Saddam Hussein and his family may have been completely ruthless, but each April they did their best to give the Iraqi people a good laugh. On April 1st 1998, the Babil Newspaper which was owned by Uday Hussein, printed a piece informing readers that US President Clinton had lifted sanction against Iraq, only to announce this was indeed an April Fools’ joke. What a prankster!
  3. Millions of people across the UK fell for a fake BBC news story back in 1957 which reported bumper harvests from Swiss spaghetti trees. Some people even contacted the Beeb to find out where they could get their own spaghetti trees from.
  4. Burger King in 1998 served up a whopper to the public by placing an ad in USA Today informing them that they had finally found a solution for the 1.4 million left-handed BK customers. The Left Handed Whopper was announced, where the burgers contents were rotated 180 degrees.
  5. Dick Smith, an Australian millionaire thought it would be a hoot to pull off one of the most wacky April Fools stunts ever. He informed the people of Sydney that he was going to tow an iceberg from Antarctica and carve it into small ice cubes to sell for 10 cents each. The cubes, fresh from the pure Antarctica waters, were said to improve the flavour of any drink they cooled. Local radio hosts even provided coverage of the event when Mr.Smith actually had a shaving foam berg towed around Sydney Harbour.

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