If your into new toys or like to play games on your smart phone then look out for the Tamagotchi App.

Tamagotchi App - Tamagotchi - L.I.F.E 2013
The Tamagotchi is resurrected as an iPhone app!

This could be a remarkable cross over for an updated digital device.

Anyone who grew up in the nineties will remember the faithful digital toy sensation called “Tamagtochi”.
The irritating “digital pet” became in a hit across the globe. The 90s “craze” was a tiny monochrome sort of LCD pet on a plastic egg with a keyring attached. It was incredibly popular in school grounds across the land.

People were obsessed with Tamagotchi where they had to feed, play, and look at pixels on a screen which looked like tiny animals of all shapes and sizes.

Needless to say, if you didn’t look after your digital pet, it would sadly die.

If your looking for some nostalgia, then consider downloading the new Tamagotchi app called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

The app has not been given a release date on the app store, but its looking likely that it’s announcement will be a quick PR push by Bandi before it  is downloaded on gazillions of mobiles across the planet.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e will be released by Japanese games/craze/cartoon giants Bandai some time in the near future.

I do not think POGS wont be showing up anytime soon as an iPhone app, but we might start to see more classic games entering the world of apps.

Could we see conkers? or marbles? Not likely, but perhaps there is a chance of more board games evolving into the ever increasing size of the mobile games and apps markets.

Like mobile fanatics needed another excuse to check their phones every five seconds, the Tamagotchi will have adults and children alike all feed, clothing, and maybe even bathing their smart phone screens.

You will be soon be able to download the Tamagotchi app, it is still unknown if it will be a free or paid app.



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