iTunes App StoreThe term “app” is thrown around a lot these days with smart phone and tablet users around the world using a myriad of different apps for a variety of reasons. Four years ago, no-one in regular society had heard of an app with all software generally sold and installed from CD and DVDs. In 2009, Apple opened the App Store with a now insignificant 500 apps available for purchase for users of the iPod Touch and the original iPhone. Since then mobile applications have taken off and now micro-transactions through the App Store, the Android Market, Blackberry App World and the windows Store have created a new market in the mobile sector.

Today, you can get an application for almost any purpose. If you are buying and selling stocks, an avid eBay user or a big mobile gamer, there will be an app for you. Some apps are just ports of many classic video games. On the Apple App Store, you can purchase classic games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and a number of Final Fantasy titles to play on your phone or tablet.  The mobile gaming sector has blown up with the popularity of the iPhone with many people seeing it as a genuine mobile gaming device.

Other applications can turn your phone or tablet from just a phone to a sophisticated media sweet. Although expensive, Beatmaker 2 is a fantastic music production suite which allows you to use an interactive interface which acts as a midi controller for you to make beats and songs whilst on the go.

Apps have allowed a level of customisation far greater than anyone ever imagined with smart phone users being able to customise their phones to do exactly what they want. With Apple selling over 30 billion applications as of July 2012, this isn’t just a fad that will fade away with time. Apps are here to stay and I can’t wait to see what new innovations come around as part of this tech gold rush.

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