consett festival 2015

Consett Festival 2015 is fast approaching. We caught up with Brad the organiser to find out a bit more about how Consett Festival came about and what people can expect this year.

What has been your favourite memory from Consett Festival, so far?

The response from people I spoke to after the first year was so positive. Several people told me they bumped into people they hadn’t seen for years and loved catching up.

Why did you start putting on the festival?

I’m a regular festival goer myself and found myself asking why some things (at other festivals) had been done the way they were. Missed opportunities, in some cases just poor organisation. I’d often think about what I would do differently. I threw the idea around a few friends then started to look into how I would go about holding a mini gathering, on a small scale. It exploded. The interest was overwhelming.

How many people do you expect to attend this year?

It’s impossible to say. We had over 3,000 adults attend the first year. Completely unexpected. The second year wasn’t quite as busy which I suspect is because of the rain and mud. We’ve changed venue this year and there is no chance of mud at the new site. We’ve moved the date of the festival to 1 month layer in the year to increase the odds of better weather. Also there are 2 marquees and an indoor bar which will act as shelter should we have some rain. Putting these factors together I’d hope that we will match the first year’s attendance.

Has the festival evolved since it’s inception, if so how?

I never intended the festival to be as big as it has become, but the demand for something like this seems to be there. The first year we had 1 day of entertainment, the second 2 days and now 3 days. It won’t get any bigger. But we will make sure we’re offering the best value for money entertainment as possible. This might include improving on the quality of components of the festival.

What bands are you most looking forward to?

They are all great bands. I wouldn’t have booked them if they weren’t ha ha! There are some new bands that possibly no one in consett will have seen before. I’m excited for them to get exposure to a decent crowd.

What can families with children expect at the festival?

There is plenty of family entertainment. We have face and body painters, stalls, interactive demonstrations, craft workshops, bouncy castles/slides, climbing wall, zorb balls, children’s entertainers and of course the legendary Jamie Clarke Funfair that is a huge success in Consett every time they visit.

How can people find out more about the festival? or Facebook for up to date information.

Where can you get tickets for the festival?

Steel Town Music, Mark Wilkinson photography, Consett AFC or online at

Consett Festival 2015

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