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Ollie and Nina – Cats

Ollie and Nina – Cats

CATSWhat is it with cats and dogs! How come they are such good buddies?

Why do they love to frolic and play together? Ok, what crazy, topsy-turvy world do I live in you might well ask? But that’s exactly how it is with our little menagerie. Honestly, our animals are shameless. We have four cats and two dogs and I think someone really needs to sit them down and explain the facts of life to them. Don’t they know that cats and dogs snuggling up together for an afternoon nap is just plane wrong but it is kind of cute.

Every time I witness this freak of nature I always threaten Ollie and Nina that I will rat them out to their best friends. Ollie would be mortified if Flynn, his big, butch Red Setter pal knew about his feline friends and their sissy goings on. And Nina would blush to the roots with embarrassment if Bentley her Working Cocker Spaniel boyfriend were to get wind of her cosy cat cuddles.

Well they can all rest easy for now because their funny fury capers will remain our little secret, no one need ever know.


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