O&N& SAUSAGE-smallI over heard Ollie and Nina chatting the other day as they were resting in their doggie beds. Nina asked Ollie what breed of dog he was. Ollie thought for a little while then jumped to his paws and in a very theatrical way he explained. Strutting round the room he recited this little poem to Nina:

“I may not be a pedigree,
I am but half a collie,
Though I think you must agree,
I’m 100% an Ollie!”

Proud of his poem and of his heritage Ollie flumped back into his doggie bed.

Then I heard Nina say to Ollie

“Oh I see, so you’re a mongrel then!”

Ollie didn’t like that one little bit so he said to Nina,

“Okay, what breed of dog are you then?”

It was Nina’s turn to tell her story. She struck a bold stance in the middle of the room and declared:

“I’m glad you asked Ollie, so glad you asked,”

“I’m an interesting dog you see,
Something of a mystery,
My enigmatic genealogy,
Is a riddle wrapped in secrecy.”

Ollie, quick as a flash was back on his paws with his reply:

“An interesting dog indeed
Obviously of a dubious breed
Though you really must concede…
… You’re just a MUTT Nina!”.

At this point I thought it best to intervene incase this battle of the poet-pets got out of hand. “Hey you two sillies, you are both ‘RESCUE’ dogs. They seemed happy with that definition of their identity and returned to their beds huffing and ignoring each other.

Ollie and Nina ARE rescue dogs: they rescued me from the sofa!

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