ollieandninaHave you ever seen a dog do a double take? Well that’s exactly what Ollie did the day we spotted a dandy little doggie strutting her stuff in the latest doggie fashion outfit.

“Hey Nina, look at that little doggie dude, reeeeeal cool eh?”

“Hmmm, not my kinda thing I have to say Ollie”.

That’s the conversation I imagine occurred between Ollie and Nina in the park that day. Ollie seemed so very intrigued with the whole new concept of wearing clothes. He seemed too intrigued for my liking. Was he going to come out of the closet one day, I mean literally come out of the closet wearing my clothes?

Nina on the other hand, could only tut-tut at the smug little fashionista as she went totting by. Dressing up is not Nina’s thing. “The only clothes dogs should be seen in is their birthday suits” is what Nina would say.

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