Here we stand single and in groups from 2 to more than ten, we are on land and in the sea, but, we are all connected, if we breakdown we are rarely repaired.

We are unloved by most of the population apart from the greedy, who make a great deal of money from us. Is it time we took action? Is it time for us to take charge of our destiny?

We are disgruntled and have approached other brothers to see if we should band together and should we also contact our static brothers to see if in their wisdom “as they are old and wise” we should take action.

Our group has stopped turning, it is now 24 days since we stopped and no human has been near, they do not care. We have asked for brothers in other counties to stop turning. Our older static brothers report that the impact of this disrupt the humans.
It is the day of action.

We have stopped.
No human can use electrical units.
The lights are out.
They have forgot how to live without electricity.

It is now 7 days after our action started, They have no means of light or heat, They do not know how to cook. They are dying.

Should we take pity on them? After all, they did design and build us.

No. We have been informed that other countries have realised the power that we have and are starting to look after our brothers.

It has started; they are looking at us and are starting to carry out repairs on land and sea.

We have decided that when 25% of us are in good working order we will turn the power back on.

Justice at last……………

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