Tried-and-Tested-by-Lisa-LogoLisa Guthrie from Consett set up a group on Facebook 8 months ago solely for women to share best beauty, fashion and health tips. The group went viral within weeks and currently boasts over 15,000 female members.

Unfortunately Lisa was diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer in May and as a result is now looking to use her social media following and connections in the beauty industry to raise awareness of the disease.

Lisa has appeared on ITV’s This Morning, in the press and on radio to campaign about the risks of sunbathing and sunbeds.
She has plans to hold a tanathon in the month of September getting as many salons involved as possible offering £10 spray tans to the public and with that giving £2 to the charity Skcin.

Lisa is planning a charity event to raise funds and is hoping to be able to get mobile mole checking clinics working in our area with the money raised.

Lisa is now high risk for the cancer returning and is unsure what the future holds but says if she can help people by urging them to go and get their skin checked if they are unsure or educate people to stop using sunbeds then she has turned a negative into a positive.

Already Lisa has had messages from women attending their doctors surgeries to get their skin checked out because they have had a worrying lesion.

If you would like to help support Lisa’s campaign and the charity Skcin then you can text a donation to her just giving page:

Text: TEST65
and your donation
To 70070
or visit online

If you would like to visit the Skcin website for more information on skin cancer please visit

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