O&N& POOH BAG HI RES-SMALLIf you spell the word dog backwards you get the word God.


That’s pretty much how it is with Ollie and Nina, they are a right pair of Demi Gods and I confess, I worship them both.


Maybe that’s why I go to such lengths to appease my little Gods.


For example, I’ve had some of the worst nights sleep ever, just because his Ollieness has been lying flat out sideways on my bed at night. But rather than disturb him, I’ve found myself performing contortionist acts moulding around him.


When dining out, I always go somewhere that my dogs are made welcome. That limits my choices of course but never mind, it’s important that they are with me. I always choose a dish I know Ollie and Nina will approve of. I will order my chicken with chips rather than mash just because Nina is partial to the odd chip or two or seven.


I walk my dogs in all weathers: I pick their pooh up like it is manna from heaven, I only holiday in lands where they are worshipped too. I wear their moulting hair on my clothes as a testament to their omnipotence, I evangelise to anyone who will listen (and even those who would rather not) about the virtues of a dog’s love and what it is to let ‘Dog’ into your heart.


I’ve got the ‘Dog’ thing so bad now that I’ve even taken to scribing THE STORY OF OLLIE AND NINA, as an illustrated Bible of their lives in an attempt to reach out and spread the good word. “DOG IS LOVE. LOVE IS DOG”.


Ok it may sound like I’m a bit of an extremist, a bit fanatical but nah, not really. It’s just amazing having something to love that loves me more. Ollie and Nina radiate their love upon me. It is perfect, it is endless, it is unconditional and it is for this reason I worship my daft little Gods, I mean dogs.




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