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PBVH_newlogo-smallBy Dr Jacqui Molyneux
Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital


Does my dog really need boosters every year?

Dogs are routinely vaccinated against 4 diseases – distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. Recent research has shown us that dogs need boosters every 3 years against the first 3 diseases but leptospirosis needs boosting every year. So the short answer is yes, dogs do need boosting every year, but not against all diseases. The clinical examination done at the time of a booster is also very important as, just as with us, the earlier a lot of diseases are found the more likely it is to be able to cure the dog. It is also a good time to quiz the vet about things that are bothering you; write down things you want to ask before you go and never be self-conscious about asking for advice.


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