O&N& STICK CONSETT MAG smallIt’s no good. I’m just going to have to accept it. If I throw a stick for Ollie and Nina to fetch, the only way I can expect it to ever come back is if it’s a boomerang. Ollie and Nina are just not the fetching type.
Ollie is far too hair-brained to concentrate long enough to follow the trajectory of a flying stick. Within a second of chasing it he’d be off following his nosey nose in pursuit of something rancid to roll in or something long dead to sneak a little nibble at. And then of course there’s all that ‘OLLIE WOZ HERE’ peeing to be getting on with. I reckon there are still some places that Ollie hasn’t ‘OLLIED’ yet; but not many. So, as far as a silly old stick is concerned, unless it happens to land in something horribly smelly or Ollie hasn’t already ‘OLLIED’ it, that stick will be forever a stranger to Ollie.

Nina on the other hand would need to think very carefully about chasing a stick for a very long while (she’s a very thoughtful little dog). Nina would need to consider the pros and cons involved in retrieving a stick. I mean, what kind of stick is this stick? Is it a cheese stick? Is it Chewy stick? Is it a stick of great importance… maybe it’s a stick of dynamite that needs to be heroically salvaged from the pushchair of a sleeping babe? Hmm, if the answer to all of the above is NO, then Nina just not interested.

However, if I just happened to be throwing ‘Butchers Finest Choice’ pork sausages for Ollie and Nina to fetch, I might have a bit more luck. I guarantee those flying porkers would never hit the ground. But I doubt very much if Ollie or Nina would ever fetch them back.

READER BE WARNED: If you ever throw a stick for Ollie and Nina and you feel you’d definitely like that precious stick back, you better be prepared to fetch it yourself.

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