O&N&-CESAR&JERREMY-CONSETTThe dog-training lady from the farm in Wark was like Cesar Millan and Jeremy Kyle rolled into one, she took no nonsense from man nor beast. And she took one look at Ollie and declared “oh dear, what have we here? A Collie-Saluki cross, Hmmm don’t expect too much”.

As it happened Ollie the Collie-Saluki cross proved her wrong. He turned out to be very trainable, very smart and very charming. He melted the dog-training lady from the farm in Wark’s little heart.

When we first rescued Nina from her Kuala Lumpur kennels she was a physical, emotional and nervous wreck. She hid from us in and around our house for a bout 3 weeks. Then one day she just appeared by the sofa to say hello. Now she practically lives on the sofa.

She can even teach old clever clogs Ollie the Collie-Saluki cross a thing or two when it comes to being the smart one.

Cesar Millan, is a Mexican-American self-taught dog behaviourist. He is widely known for his television series “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”

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