The youth club at the YMCA in Consett is facing possible closure because of funding cuts proposed by Durham County Council.

The proposed cuts would mean the YMCA could lose £26,000 if approved.

The YMCA youth club has up to 100 young people in attendance when it is open every weeknight.


Cuts would mean the YMCA would have to cut four part-time youth workers and it’s youth services manager.

“It will have a massive impact on what we do. It is a shame young people are not going to have these services on a night time when they are needed most.

“Who else is going to look after them? What will they do?

“I am quite devastated as someone who has been a youth worker in County Durham for many many years.

“Personally, I think the council is doing the wrong thing. They are going down the wrong road.”

Said Billy Robson, chief executive of Consett YMCA

“These kids will be on the street corners causing mayhem. They will have nowhere to go.

Parents will tell you they need outlets for their children, or they will cause problems and that will not go down well with residents or anyone that lives within the area.”

Said Durham County Councillor Alex Watson, a board member at Consett YMCA

The cuts are part of the UK Government’s nationwide austerity cuts brought in back in 2011. Since 2011, Durham County Council has cut £153 million but still is expected to cut a further £124 million in the next four years.

Durham County Council will be consulting on these cuts of around about one million pounds to its One Point budget, which covers County Durham’s youth services.

“We would encourage people to give their feedback on the proposals through the consultation so that we can take them into account before we make any final decisions.”

Said Carole Payne, head of children’s services at Durham County Council

If these proposed cuts will affect you or if you’d simply like to make your voice heard on this issue the closing date for doing so is on Wednesday, April 27, where a report will be presented to the council’s cabinet in autumn.

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