Terminator 3 star, Kristina Lokkenen at the 2015 NFCC in Newcastle
Terminator 3 star, Kristina Lokkenen at the 2015 NFCC in Newcastle

The rise of the Film and Comic-Cons, as they are generally known, has increased somewhat sensationally over the last five or so years.

They began with Doctor Who themed events such as “Look Who’s Back” and “The Doctor and His Friends” and cropped up in places ranging from hotels in Newcastle and community halls in villages like Lanchester in Durham.

Now, of course, we have the Newcastle Film and Comic Con at the Metro Radio Arena.

This event has grown from a single annual event three years ago, to a two event per year extravaganza. Featuring cast member from Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and a host of other science fiction and fantasy TV shows and film franchises.

There are also appearances by renowned comic book artists and writers, sports personalities and local celebrities. All present to sign items, usually for a fee, and take part in talks relating to their respective careers.

The Newcastle Film and Comic Con attracts specialist stall holders and members of the increasingly popular “Cosplay” community. The two shows usually take place in the Spring and Autumn and the attending “Costume Playing Community” has grown in number with each show.

The “Cosplayers” come from all regions and some of the costumes, based on recognisable film and TV characters, are mixed with more abstract costumes from the likes of Manga (Japanese) characters.

Cosplayers at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle during the 2015 NFCC event.
Cosplayers at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle during the 2015 NFCC event.

The growth of the “Cosplay” community was in spectacular evidence at the first ever Moira-Con at the Civic Hall in Stanley last year where, as well as special guest Hattie Haydridge from TV show “Red Dwarf”, the amount of Cosplayers went around the block. And this was before the doors had even opened .

This will, hopefully, be repeated once again for Moria Con ’16. Which will be a free entry event funded by Stanley Town Council and organised by a small team of volunteers on July 23rd.

Darth Vader (Courtesy of the 99th Garrison) high five’s members of the Moria Con queue outside the Civic Hall in Stanley.

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