This month’s tip for selling your property is to make full use of your estate agent. Obviously your agent will be advertising your property and booking in viewers but you could be missing a trick by stopping just there. If it’s possible, let your agent conduct the viewings as well as these other things.

Agents are used to speaking and dealing with potential buyers and talking about properties so why not utilise their knowledge. They are also used to being asked tricky questions which could slip up those not prepared for them.

But mainly having an agent show the property instead of the owner allows buyers to envisage themselves living in the property, they won’t see who lives there now and can feel at ease looking around. Whereas when an owner is there it can feel intimidating being watched and can put people off asking any questions and giving their honest opinions in case they cause any offence. However with an agent who doesn’t own the property, a potential buyer can openly raise any concerns or queries, which may have a simple answer or solution right there and then, which otherwise may have put the buyer off pursuing the property any further.

This approach also allows an agents salesmanship to come into play where they can point out all the features and talking points and really help to sell the property to the viewers.
So why worry yourself? Pop out for a quick coffee, walk the dog, go do your weekly shop and let your agent do what they do and know best.
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