Online sales in January 2013 rose against overall retail sales. The Office for National Statistics shows that the volume of goods sold in January fell by 0.6% whilst online sales high streetrose 8.7% which is an average weekly spend of £546.5 million. 10.1% of all retail spending excluding fuel took place online. Online food sales rose by 27.1% to a total of 3.7% of all food sales in the UK. This is the highest on record. Online sales through a mobile device grew 304% between 2011 and 2012. This is evident as the decline of the High Street.

With the loss of Comet, Jessops and HMV, the face of the High Street is changing. Due to the reduced cost of online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon people are going online for high ticket price items. But not all is lost; there are still many people who prefer to purchase their items physically from a shop. Customer service is now more crucial than ever for retailers as the shopping experience begins to change.

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