Samsung and Google combined in to one Android Smartphone

Samsung Electronics have signed a long-term patent licensing agreement with Google and Ericsson recently. As Samsung’s licensing agreement deal with Ericsson draws to a close, several harsh legal battles between leading companies in the telecoms industry with Samsung because they have an agreement to pay Ericsson an amount of $650 million, as well as royalty payments. Whereas the deal between Google and Samsung – which has not yet been summerised for finacial terms – depending on what kind of partnership they have, each company will have full access to a range of undisclosed patented technology. Using Google’s Android operating system, Samsung is the biggest producer of an Android smartphone.

Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics

Using a customised version of Google’s software, Samsung has been the best selling Android over the past few years. The best known Samsung Androids on the market today is the Galazy S4, shipping more than 20 million since it was launched just under 3 months ago. Although it hasn’t quite matched the iPhone 5 which released 34 million shipments in just over 3 months, or the 4S which reached 32 million sales in about the same amount of time.

However, the Samsung Note 8.0 can be in fact a phone and can be used as such when brought to the UK. It is also a nice piece of technology, with its looks and has a good processor, a sharp screen and an S-Pen that can be used for drawing and note-taking. It is more expensive than the iPad Mini and has poor battery life, but for the right customer it will be well worth the buy.

Combining Google and Samsung has produced the ultimate mobile operating system that turns your phone into not only a personal device for keeping intouch with friends, family or acquaintances but also a game console and a web browser all in one.

You could say Google puts the smart in the Samsung Smartphone.

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