Matt Underwood runs an outdoor fitness company called X-PT in the Consett area and has organised a charity event to help Mud Runsupport a local hospice.

He along with 14 other participants have signed up to take part in the Lake District Total Warrior 10km mud run and obstacle course challenge in August.

All the proceeds will go to Willowburn Hospice.

The team were given the opportunity to choose the charity and the hospice had an overwhelming majority with a few offering personal experiences regarding family members.

Matt stated that the vast majority of his clients have never undergone any form of fitness programme before and a few haven’t run since their school day; so to even consider running 10km at such an early phase in their fitness journey is both brave and commendable.

‘As their instructor I have nothing but admiration for this group and the commitment they have demonstrated in reaching a level of fitness required to complete this epic challenge’.

Matt’s company caters for all ages and the present age range is from 19- 47 which demonstrates that all can participate and make good steady progress.

Anyone in the community can witness the specific style of training the group experience every Sunday at Crookhall beginning at 4pm. The regime includes: leopard crawling through mud and under nets, jumping through tyres and carrying sandbags. It is a unique demonstration of fitness training.

Let’s hope they enjoy their day while raising money for this worthwhile local charity.

You can get in touch with Matt Underwood through his website;

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