Foldable, flexible display, lighter and more durable. This is what Samsung the Korean tech company are claiming their new display technology will allow for in their new product line expected early 2013.

Samsung Display Co are in the last phase of development of their flexible displays for mobile devices. Currently most mobile phones use glass for the display, this creates added weight and as we all have probably experienced prone to chips, cracks, scratches and smashes. Some other interesting features of this potentially money-saving tech is that mobile phones have grew in size over recent years and having a phone you can simply fold-away into your bag or pocket could  make some of these monolithic phones easier to carry.

Samsung are aiming to mass produce these so-called flexible displays in the first half of next year to the consumer market.

We have seen this technology slowly creep into the limelight over the last few years after LG introduced a newspaper sized e-ink display back in 2010 and Sony have had a prototype kicking around for a few years too.

Samsung Flexible PhonePhilips Flexible Screen Prototype

But with prohibitively expensive price tags we’re hoping Samsung can bring this tech to the market at a price that wont bend our bank accounts but experts are predicting that even though the screens would be made from plastic, essentially lowering manufacturing costs, the phone will be priced at a premium to take advantage of the tech hungry consumers who will pay for the latest and greatest.

What do you think? Is this just another gimmick to see phones? Or will this technology revolutionise the way we use our phones?

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  1. This is definately not a gimmick, it’s perhaps the biggest development since the smartphone. Materials that bend will revolutionise the mobile phone industry, the ability to have larger screens on tiny foldout devices is incredible, saving space is not a luxury, but a necessity important to everyone. No man or woman wants to carry around a brick, when instead they can fold up a small device, or even wear it as a bracelet.

    • Hey Gregory, I appreciate your feedback, As with all new technology, it will be embraced early by some and will gradually be accepted after a few years. Phones have increased in size and weight over the last 10 years and Touchscreen technology has only really taken off in the last few years.

      I eagerly await the development of this technology and I can only speculate on the applications of this.


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