The eight most popular mobiles phones on the market today

‘Which?’ magazine ran tests in eight popular mobile phones with a 16GB capacity, because most storage space is taken up with unwanted software – Software Bloat – this is a process of succesful versions of a computer program may become slower, use more memory and runs battery life down and doesn’t process as much power.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

These test have shown that the phone with the most storage space is the Apple iPhone 5c with 12.60GB followed by, Google Nexus 5 – 12.28GB, Apple iPhone 5S – 12.20GB, Sony Experia Z1 – 11.43GB, Blackberry Z30 – 11.20GB, HTC One Mini – 10.44GB, LG G2, 10.37GB, and last as well as least the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 8.56GB. These are the eight most popular 16GB handsets from Samgung, Apple, Blackberry, LG, HTC and Google.

The Galaxy S4 has been proven to e the worst performing device producing only 56% storage, whilst Apple iPhone 5C was the best, producing 79% storage.

Although some of the preinstalled files are needed for Samsung to operate properly, such as eye tracking, voice commands and air gestures. However some of the Apps, games, the S Hub and S Travel are unnecessary but can not be removed. Considering Samsung has not been improved since May last year (2013) this would be a good reason why the software is getting worse. While Samsung gives you the option to extend your memory with a MicroSD slot, Apple does not.

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S

Between the two Apple models – 5C and  5S – there are extra features  needed for the iPhone 5S to operate than there are for the 5C, such as the fingerprint scanner. All devices must give up a little of its internal memory to operate the system properly, mobiles never live up to the sales talk of 8, 16 or 32GB.

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