Since September 2014, a group of Derwentside residents have been plagued by a disturbing low frequency droning noise in their homes, most prevalent at night and its driving people mad.

The noise causes headaches, nausea, anxiety and sleep disturbance for most who can hear it and earplugs offer little respite from the drone. Over Christmas 2015 it got so bad that some of the residents formed a group on Facebook and made an appeal to the local community for other sufferers to come forward and asked the local authority to begin an investigation into the problem.

Over 60 people have joined the group so far, all spread over different areas of Consett, Blackhill, Bridgehill, The Grove, Delves Lane and there are even a few residents who are affected in Lanchester village over four miles away.
The purpose of the group was to raise awareness of the disturbance and offer support to sufferers and let them know they’re not alone. Low frequency noise can have adverse effects on health and is often mistaken for tinnitus but more often than not sufferers have normal hearing.

The Environment Agency is now conducting an investigation into possible sources of the noise and there is a hotline for residents to report the nuisance at any time. The more people who come forward and report any incidents, the better.

If the noise is affecting you in any way, you can contact Consett Low Frequency Noise Sufferers on Facebook or call the Environment Agency incident hotline on 0800 807060.

This post was submitted from Helen Cook from the Fb Group:

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