So your property has gone up for sale and you have your first viewers booked in to come and look around, what can I do to make the place look the best I possibly can you may be thinking.

Well, don’t panic we have some very simple and useful tips for you to use and every month we will be bringing you something new to try out.

Let’s start with perhaps the easiest and simplest tip but one that has a major impact on any viewing and is so often easily overlooked, ‘Tidy up’. This may sound like an obvious tip to mention but it is amazing how often people can either get caught up in preparing something else or just totally forget altogether to tidy around the house.

A quick hoover and clean will make such a difference to anyone walking into your property for the first time, just the smell of the cleaning products can make a good first impression. But don’t just stop there try to think of yourself as being a complete stranger walking into your property for the first time, we are all guilty of becoming a custom to everyday clutter; a pile of magazines by the side of the sofa, an ironing board in the spare room, the kids toys on the floor, a pile of shoes & coats at the front door, washing on a clothes horse, recycling bin, piles of washing, dirty dishes and unmade beds.

Your gardens should also go through this treatment as very often your front garden will be the very first thing a potential buyer will see, even if they haven’t yet booked a viewing and are just looking around. Is your grass cut, kids toys put away, animals cleared up after and bins out of sight ‘if possible’? You don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh just do the simple things well.
These are all everyday things that we all get so used to that we don’t even think about them, but in a property viewing can make a lasting bad impression. When someone views your property they are weighing up their lifestyle and assessing whether they could live there. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to imagine living in and enjoying your property. Think about new build show homes – they’re never messy and everything is in its place.

So follow our handy tips and don’t just stop at general cleaning, think from a viewer’s perspective and create not just a clean, but a tidy, de-cluttered and inviting environment.

Property Tips Medomsley1Property Tips Medomsley2

The two images above are of a well presented house currently for sale. North View, Medomsley, 3 Beds, £139,950.

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