As a lover of live music as well as a huge supporter of local bands, it saddens me to say we are losing what could be called the best venue in Consett town. Stephs, The Club That Rocks is not only a place for music, it’s a place where everyone can feel welcome.

Since Stephs has been open it has had some local legends play on their stage such as Slipknowt, Damaged Inc, Sister, Fallen Mafia, Smash To Pieces and Talk Of The Town.

There are plenty of gigs coming up in the lead up to the Club closing including the Rock for Mick event taking place on May 14th which will include live music from Metallica cover band, Skinflint and Fallen Mafia just to name a few. The clubs events are all advertised on their Facebook page and website.

Attending local gigs is a lot more about just the music, I find it’s just as much about bringing the community together to share something that is mutually enjoyed, after years of feeling like I didn’t belong, having a place like Stephs bar makes you feel, shall I say normal? Like I belong somewhere at last.

Now is your chance to visit an amazing venue before it closes its doors on May 28th with their last event ‘The Club That Rocks, The Final hooraaaa’.

The live music scene is becoming more popular every day, now in Consett, many pubs choose to show live music, whether a band or singer, music is the future to our community.

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