Going from Strength to Strength in 2016

All areas of the Firefly New Media UK business have been increasing in productivity.

Website Design and Digital Marketing

We have invested in extra resources to continue to provide a high quality online service for our clients in the fields of website design, web management, and digital marketing. We will be rolling out the new website management and marketing plans for less than the cost of an in house IT team, and even the smallest businesses can benefit from our plans which start at just £49 per month. Local Magazine Publishing

The Consett Magazine has allowed Consett businesses to market themselves at a very cost effective rate for almost four years now. The magazine aims to provides readers like you with a good local resource for news and is available in print and online. We hope to continue to bring local readers and advertisers with a positive and always free local Consett Magazine way into the distant future.
It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the Durham Magazine in June 2016, the magazine will be much like our flagship local magazine in Consett, but will target people in Durham City. In coming months, we will announcing the next new local magazines to be published in other areas of North East England. Call us if you’d be interested in writing, advertising, distributing, or contributing in anyway to the Consett, Durham, or any of our new local magazines.

Graphic Design and Printing
As always, we pride ourselves in quality graphic design and printing. We aim to convey the perfect design idea for individuals, businesses and organisations. In the last year alone, we have designed everything from packaging and signage, to web banners and social media branding. Due to some very recent events, we can also offer wholesale printing prices to Consett customers. For example; 500 business cards from only £29 or 10000 Flyers from just £135.

As we grow we hope to continue a high level of service, please contact Firefly New Media UK if you’d be interested in any of our services.
Freephone 0800 955 1266.

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Consett Magazine
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