Consett Academy was inspected by Ofsted on the 16th and 17th March 2016 and was graded as ‘GOOD’ overall with several outstanding and exemplary features.

The report highlights what many people have known for a while; the Academy has a great group of young people who attend the Academy every day with the vast majority working hard and conducting themselves in a mature manner.

The success of any school is based on a positive partnership between parents, students and staff, this too has been recognised as a strength.

Mr Reynolds, the Principal, says, “Although, at times, over the last four years the journey has been challenging I am confident moving forward that we are able to provide an outstanding education for any young person who wants to work hard and achieve at Consett Academy.

As I have said publically on many occasions the starting point for any school is keeping young people safe, so I’m particularly pleased that this has been judged as ‘OUTSTANDING’”, ‘Outstanding arrangements for ensuring pupils’ health, safety and welfare mean that they benefit from excellent personal support’.

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