Yager’s Butchers on Victoria Road in Consett has been in the Yager family for an incredible 145 years.

That is, until today.

This morning Lee Grant and family opened the shutters on one of Consett’s oldest and most well known businesses as new owners of this local institution. Lee Grant is a well liked local lad with a talent for butchery.

Yagers Butchers New Management
Yagers Butchers New Management

Yagers was started way back in 1870 by a German immigrant from Prussia. The butcher shop was traditionally a pork butcher, but today offers a wide range of produce and is famous for it’s “pork specials”.

Lee has confirmed the famous specials will stay and he will also offer gym goers (so that’s 50% of Consett) with a special protein pack.

Yagers Butchers
Yagers Butchers in Consett had been in the family for 145 years.

David and the Yager family had placed a sign in the shop window wishing the new management all the best for the future with the Yagers business.

We’d also like to congratulate Yagers on their long standing impact within the Consett community, and wish Lee Grant & family the very best with their new enterprise.

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