Good day to you Consett!

As we write this editorial, we have just found out that the UK will leave the European Union.

It’s fair to say that we now have an unknown future ahead of us, but that’s fine because it’s the uncertainty of the future that’ll make changes to our Country. Let’s just hope that these changes are positive for us here in Consett and throughout the North East.

Many of us decided to leave the EU without a clear vision for the future, and many of us wanted to stay with the status quo. All that exists now is the UK as a sovereign nation, soon to be outside of the EU.

We really hope that the decision makers here in the UK will look to the North East and continue to help us to grow both economically and socially way into the future. The European Union has been good to us here the North East, just look around and see how many projects and businesses which have been supported by the EU’s Regional Development Fund. We’ll see if this continues under a United Kingdom separate of the EU.

Well, that’s enough politics for today, we hope you and everyone here in Consett continues to “gan canny” and enjoys their Summer to the absolute limit.

Also remember to check out all of the local businesses who advertise in the Consett magazine, without them we’d be unable to produce this free magazine for you every month.

All the best,

The Consett Magazine Team
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