This year’s A-level results are out and it’s good news for Consett. Consett Academy’s students have achieved a 100% pass rate, with 21% getting A or A* grades and 53% gaining scores ranging from A* to B. These results are Consett Academy’s best ever A-level grades.


Most students managed to get their predicted grades and some even did better than their teachers expected. Many have made it into prestigious universities. Bethan Charlton, who got two As and a B, will be going to Manchester University to study chemistry. Matthew Davidson, who got two A*s and one A, is off to Edinburgh University to study mathematics. And Jake Harris, with two As and a B, will be going to nearby Durham University to study languages. Consett Academy stated “all our students will gain their university place with the vast majority getting their first choice.”


Principal Kevin Reynolds commented, “I knew last year’s results were excellent and would take some beating, but through hard work and determination this year’s students have done even better; I am absolutely delighted for them. I would also like to take this opportunity to praise our staff for their dedication, support and going the extra mile. I wish all our Year 13 students the very best for the future; they have given themselves a great foundation on which to build going into their undergraduate studies.”


Consett Academy opened in 2012 and its ethos “is based on the three principles of inclusion, progression and excellence.” The school moved to a new purpose-built campus, with state-of-the-art sports facilities, in 2015.


Nationally, the A-level results showed a reduction in the number of A* and A grades for the fifth year in a row, though girls are catching up with boys in terms of attaining A* grades. At 98.5%, the north east has the country’s highest A-level pass rate though the region’s students are slightly less likely to go to university than the national average. 24% of the north east’s youngsters will be entering higher education this year compared with 27% in the UK as a whole.

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