By Christina Stubbins
Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital
Firework season is approaching so to keep your pets calm and safe throughout, we recommend you follow these guidelines:

1- Keep dogs on a lead when out on walks to avoid them being spooked by loud noises and running away.
2- Keep cats and dogs indoors if possible and give them somewhere to hide.
3- If you know your pet is scared of fireworks, plan to visit your vet at least 6 weeks before bonfire night to discuss medication options, as this will allow enough time for certain medications to build up to an effective level.
4- Visit the ‘Sounds Scary’ page on the Dogs Trust website. Start playing the noises at a low level in the background and reward good behaviour, building up the volume of the noises over a period of 4-6 weeks to ensure they are associated with something positive (e.g. treats or toys.)

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