It’s hard to believe, but we are celebrating 20 years in business this year. How time flies!!

My ambitions in 1996 were simple, to work for myself & provide the highest possible quality of care to my patients, with no waiting list. I had no interest in growing a huge company with dozens of employees and shareholders to answer to.

20 years later, nothing much has changed! We are a little bigger out of necessity; after all one person can only do so much. We are now a team of three, with 83 years of experience between us. We work out of 2 locations, our main clinic in Lanchester and a satellite clinic in Rickleton, Washington.

We specialise in the assessment treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal problems. These include, back & neck pain, shoulder, knee & elbow problems, strains, sprains, sports injuries, fibromyalgia & headache. Our treatments combine (as appropriate) manual therapy, massage and acupuncture for pain relief, exercise, injection therapy, and of course advice & education.

Unfortunately, from a musculoskeletal perspective at least, modern life is bad for us! Most of us sit far too much, don’t exercise enough, or occasionally too much. Either way aches & pains are a common side effect. Isn’t it strange how we are only too happy to give our cars a regular service to help stave off problems, but when it comes to our bodies we tend to wait until the ‘wheels have fallen off’! A regular maintenance session every few months can help prevent problems.

Indeed, why wait until you have an issue at all? Injury prevention is very much the way forward. We are all being encouraged to be more active, lose weight and improve our levels of fitness. But how do you go about it without injuring yourself? We can advise on which types of activities might suit you best, given your current level of fitness, weight & personal goals.

Our population is aging. Chronic degenerative conditions which cannot necessarily be cured are therefore also on the rise & need to be managed. We can help with advice on does & don’ts, tailored exercise programmes & hands on therapies or acupuncture for pain relief, as appropriate.

Another consequence of an aging population is falls in the elderly. 30% of over 65 year olds & 50% of over 80 year olds fall at least once a year (NICE, 2013). Falls & even the fear of falls causes a huge amount of anxiety, loss of self confidence, loss of independence & reduced quality of life. Muscle weakness & impaired balance are risk factors underlying many falls. We offer a tailored falls prevention programme.

I know not everyone is a fan of needles, but seriously, if you have a flare of arthritis in your knee, thumb or shoulder a small volume of corticosteroid can start to settle stubborn inflammation within 48 hours. In arthritic joints relief can last for months & injections may be repeated safely every 6 months in most cases, if required. As an alternative we can use drug free Ostenil Plus.

In August 2015 we started opening 7 days a week to give our patients more choice. This has proven very popular with those working away from home during the week, shift workers & those whose lives are slightly less chaotic on a weekend!

Check out our website at for more details of the services we provide & our current prices.
Remember we offer morning, afternoon, evening & weekend appointments.

Don’t suffer in silence! Go on, pick up the phone……we are here to help you 7 days a week.

Call us on 01207 528 332

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