Friendly, personal approach
Unlike doctors, we know that nursing requires a certain level of familiarity and friendliness with your patients – otherwise you get someone difficult on your hands!
Our recruitment team is ready to take you on our list of qualified candidates after a quick screening to determine which vacancies and slots you qualify to fill.

Over 20 years’ worth of experience in recruitment
Let our team find you the perfect opportunity in fantastic location. With over 20 years of experience matching nurses with clinics, hospitals and health centers, we have built up a client base that is always in need of new nurses that can keep up with the changing face of medicine in this technological age.

Australia and UK job destinations
Whether you live in these countries or you don’t, we are versed in the needs of the medical landscapes and preferred suppliers to the best private hospitals.
Our clients are looking only for the best – which happens to be you.

Call: 0203 002 3973
or visit:

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