North East Fashion House WRECKREATION launches its second collection of next generation jeans and sports luxe to coincide with the iconic London Fashion Week.

Dismissing the catwalk, this fashion house releases a short film trailer to launch each collection in order to effectively reach its worldwide audience.

After launching in 2015, WRECKREATION’s second collection, aptly named ‘The Will to Power’ is showcased on the video-sharing website YouTube.


Offering an alternative catwalk experience for its world-wide customer base, reaching as far as California, WRECKREATION’s short film features the expansive backdrop of Druridge Bay, Each garment is designed and produced in-house at the studio in the North East of England. With a focus on the individual, limited editions of each garment are created, and the brand’s most popular product, SuperCharger Jeans, are custom built.


The label acknowledges and champions the current trend for ‘slow’ fashion, creating garments that are hard-wearing and long-lasting.

“The film showcases WRECKREATION’s strong values and deeply integrated ethos of using fashion as a platform to inspire each individual to become a creator, through the use of aesthetics; optimistic bright colours, bold graphics and linear shapes.”


Sally Smallwood, Owner & designer at WRECKREATION
In the UK the collection can be purchased from London boutique Showroom Shoreditch,
and from the brand’s website:

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