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Sam Lavery – Consett’s own Xfactor Contestant

Sam Lavery – Consett’s own Xfactor Contestant


Sam has always loved to sing but by age 9 we could see that she had something a bit special and it wasn’t long before she was performing at the local Workingmen’s Club on a Sunday afternoon.  I remember her dad, my cousin James (born and bred in Consett) giving me a CD of Sam singing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep – I couldn’t believe my ears!  How did such a strong and powerful voice come from such a tiny little girl?

She has performed at Consett Festival for the last two years.  The Festival’s organiser, Brad Wilkinson said “We’re very proud to have had her perform for us at Consett Festival.  She has a natural talent that will take her far and we wish her every success.”

Sam’s older brother, Jordan plays for Consett AFC.


At the mere age of 16 Sam blew the judges away in her Xfactor audition in Manchester and sailed through to Boot Camp.  Unfortunately Sam lost her seat in the Six Chair Challenge and we were all devastated but in true Sam style she shrugged it off and said “everything happens for a reason”.  Her maturity and positivity is amazing for someone so young.  So weeks went by and Sam was happily getting on with her next exciting venture when she got the phone call from Louis Walsh asking her to come back as Simon’s Wild Card!  And so the rollercoaster began again!  Next stop Simon Cowell’s house in Malibu.  After a request from Simon asking her to “go take her make up off” Sam came back stronger than ever and showed him exactly what she was made of, real Northern grit and determination.  How many young girls would have handled that the way she did?  Make up tips from Mr Au Natural himself – who’d have thought it?!


On a personal level, not only is Sam beautiful and extremely talented, she is also very intelligent and the nicest, most down to earth girl you could wish to meet.  She is so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the support she is receiving and is still trying desperately to thank every individual for their kind words.

Don’t forget, if you download the free Xfactor App you can have 5 free votes per week!  Please use them on this amazingly talented and hard working local lass.


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