Dear Consett,
We hope you’ve enjoying the Christmas festivities and the New Year celebrations!We wish you the very best for 2017. We hope you’ve set your New Year’s resolutions with high expectations.

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your resolution is in 2017, so far we’ve heard the regular “ I will start going to the Gym” and “I will cut down on my intake of alcohol” — but the most interest has been “I will become famous”! At first, becoming famous sounds like a huge unattainable goal, but today it’s even easier to become an overnight sensation. It might just take one really awesome viral video or you might want to start attending lots of auditions for TV or Films. We say, whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, just do it! Go for it!

“Think Big And Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You It Can’t Be Done. Life’s Too Short To Think Small.” – Tim Ferriss

Consett Magazine’s focus in 2017 is to concentrate on the good news – Consett has plenty of it.

The aim of the magazine in 2017 will be to continue producing a free local magazine which the entire Consett community can be proud of, we’ll do this by encouraging local writers, photographers, and members of our community to contribute to the magazine and have their say.

Remember, if you’d like to get involved you can email us on, message us on Facebook “search Consett Magazine” or visit for further information.

Best wishes,
Barry Kirkham
And The Consett Magazine Team

PS – If you’d like to promote your local business then get in touch 01207 438 292, we have a number of creative methods to help spread the good word about your business. Some of the options include online / in print adverts and advertorials, social media interaction, and email marketing.

The free Consett Magazine is designed, printed and distributed by local media company, Firefly New Media UK ; give them a call to find out how they can help you to build your online and offline business with cost-effective design, print, website design, and marketing services.

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