Introducing Fast Forward Film Reviews from Local YouTuber : The Shining Review

Consett Magazine & Durham Magazine team up with Lonely Tree Productions to bring you regular film reviews in Fast Forward Format

Steven, Annie, and Jack have worked hard to review some of their favourite films in a video series and we’ve got the exclusive right here for Consett and Durham Magazine’s readers.

The reviews will not only be in fast forward format, they will have a local twist on them.

The old star unit of measurement has been replaced by the humble "Consett Brick".
The ‘Star’ unit of measurement has been replaced by the humble “Consett Brick” in the new video series, don’t ask, just watch the videos – You’ll get it.

Some of the reviews will feature films including: “The Shining”, “Chupcaburba Territory”, “Bourne Legacy”, and “The Departed”.

We’ll be posting new videos every week on our website, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts.

This week, the review is The Shining Review in Fast Forward format, watch the first video here.

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