Michael James Dackombe is from Consett and he is currently exploring South America.

Michael is currently on the Amazon, it’s the world’s largest river in terms of water volume and the area of its drainage basin.

“Today has been one of the best days of my trip so far. Been cruising along The Amazon all day by speed boat, got to meet an indigenous Indian tribe and learn about their culture, swim with these amazing pink dolphins, tried to catch the biggest fresh water fish in the world the Pirarucu (arapaima) fish and then paid a visit to a floating village on The Amazon and ate some lunch there. Then tomorrow I’m heading all the way up The Amazon river by a slow boat until I get to Colombia. The journey is going to take 7 days so I’ll be out of contact for over a week. I’ll post again once I’m safely in Colombia!!”

Michael James Dackombe, posted to Facebook from Manaus, AM, Brazil
Michael Posted: “My GoPro footage from The Amazon yesterday” on Facebook.

We’re hoping to bring you updates of the progress of his Journey, it’s all very exciting!

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