Hyperthyroidism is a common hormonal condition of middle ages and older cats which is caused by an overproduction of thyroid hormone in the body.  The most common signs are weight loss, a ravenous appetite, an increase in drinking and urinating, hyperactivity and an unkempt coat.  A hyperthyroid cat may have a high heart rate, an abnormal heart rhythm and/or a high blood pressure which can all cause disease in other organs in the body (e.g. the kidneys) so it is important the condition is diagnosed and treated as early as possible.  A simple blood test can usually diagnose hyperthyroidism and it can be easily treated with medication, surgery or radioactive iodine therapy.  The signs of hyperthyroidism can often be put down to a cat ‘getting old’ but treating the disease will often dramatically improve a cats quality of life so if your cat is showing any of these signs, book an appointment to see your vet.

Christina Stubbins BVetMed MRCVS

Clinical Director

Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital

1 Plantation Street



County Durham


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